Welcome to the Kane County Coalition! We are six groups collaborating to create political change at all levels in our community. These groups are Indivisible Kane County, Indivisible Elgin, Indivisible Fox Valley, Indivisible IL: Districts 6 & 14, Fox Valley Action for Justice, and We Can Lead Change – Fox Valley.


As a collection of grassroots activists living in Kane County, Illinois,
we are committed to a fact-based, more inclusive democracy. 

Our goal is to inform citizens on how their elected officials
represent their interests, as we are a government
of the people, by the people, and for the people.

These six groups formed following the November 2016 election, and both admins and members have spent the last year learning how to effectively engage in the political process. Innumerable hours have been spent organizing meetings, protests, candidate forums, and actions for our groups. Check out the Media page to see stories about our events that were covered in the Daily HeraldKane County ChronicleBeacon News, and Northwest Herald. Our “Signs for Sellouts” healthcare protest even got a shout out by Rachel Maddow on Twitter!

In addition to those events, however, our group members are affecting change through many other avenues. Many members have become Precinct Committeepersons within the Democratic Party. Many members have supported candidates by hosting meetings, knocking on doors, and donating. Many members have called, tweeted, and faxed our Congressman. Some are running for office! Together, all these individual actions have been invaluable in supporting the wave of change that we believe is coming in 2018.

The biggest lesson learned this year, however, is that there is nothing more valuable than the willingness to show up, to learn, and to share. Your voice is the most valuable tool you have and that’s why we need all of you to persist in this effort with us. Speak to your Congressman, speak to your neighbors, and speak to your family. Together, we roar.

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